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Expanding International Markets through Reliable Temperature-Controlled Logistics

When it comes to exporting agricultural products, strict quality and safety standards set by importing countries can present significant challenges. However, with reliable temperature-controlled logistics, businesses can confidently navigate these requirements and unlock new opportunities in international markets.

Reliable temperature-controlled logistics ensures that proper storage, handling, and transportation conditions are maintained throughout the supply chain. This compliance with quality and safety standards not only meets the necessary regulations for export but also opens doors to lucrative market expansions.

By investing in improved logistics capabilities, Cambodian agribusinesses can enhance the competitiveness of their agricultural products. This translates into access to higher-value markets and the ability to command premium prices for their offerings.

Moreover, meeting international quality and safety standards demonstrates the commitment of businesses to delivering top-notch products. This builds trust and credibility among trading partners and consumers, fostering long-term relationships and further expanding their customer base.

With reliable temperature-controlled logistics, Cambodian businesses can confidently export their agricultural products, ensuring product integrity, freshness, and safety throughout the entire journey. This reliability empowers them to seize new export opportunities, driving revenue growth and establishing a solid foothold in the global marketplace.

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Khmer Cold Chain strives to be the leading third-party service provider of temperature-controlled logistics by operating modern cold chain infrastructure offering supply chain services to food and pharmaceutical importers, exporters and local producers.  Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer service will enable us to grow with our customers for many years to come.  Our values of innovation, integrity, and collaboration guide us in achieving this vision. Khmer Cold Chain is an InfraCo Asia initiative developed in partnership with the Phnom Penh Autonomous Port, together with the support of Infunde Development and USAID.

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