Financial Auditing 2023

Khmer Cold Chain Co., Ltd (KCC) is a leading third-party service provider of temperature-controlled logistics operating modern cold chain infrastructure offering supply chain services to food and pharmaceutical importers, exporters and local producers.

KCC is 100% owned by Infraco Asia Development ( (IAD), through its wholly-owned Infraco Cold Chain Company (ICCC) Pte Ltd, a Singapore-registered subsidiary. IAD is one of the companies of the Private Infrastructure Development Group ( (PIDG), a coalition of donors mobilizing private sector investment to assist developing countries in attaining infrastructure vital to boosting their economic growth and combating poverty.


Khmer Cold Chain is seeking the services of a licensed audit organisations to perform its 2023 financial audit.


  • Auditing of Khmer Cold Chain (Cambodia) for Financial period 1 Jan- 31 Dec 2023
  • Framework IFRSs


  1. Engagement signed by 30 Sept 2023
  2. Communication, check list, and audit work schedule set by 31 Oct 2023
  3. Conducted auditing field work during Jan 2023
  4. Expected signed report by 15th Apr 2023


Language of Proposal

All proposal documents shall be prepared and submitted in English.


Must be a licensed audit organisations in Cambodia. Please provide supporting documents.


KCC intends to award a all tasks based on the proposal submitted. Firm-fixed-price contract price to accomplish the deliverables of the assignments. The price proposal shall clearly state the lump sum price for each deliverable inclusive of all out-of-pocket expenses (OPE). Proposal shall clearly state what is excluded, and identify any additional applicable costs, taxes, out of pocket expenses, or fees that are specifically excluded from the price proposal.


Award will be made to the bidder representing the best value in consideration of past performance, technical and price factors. Technical criteria are more important than cost, although prices must be reasonable and will be considered in the evaluation.

KCC reserves the right to conduct discussions with selected bidder(s) to identify the best value offer. Award of any resulting Contract Agreement shall be made by KCC on a best value basis.

KCC reserves the right to inform a bidder about requiring a bid to be withdrawn from evaluation if there is a perceived conflict of interest with the bidder and the implementation country and/or unsatisfied results from reference check and/or integrity due diligence in areas such as anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing and anti-bribery and corruption, including undertaking anti-bribery and corruption measures in relation to proposed suppliers and associated persons as set out in the InfraCo’s Anti- Corruption Compliance Policy (available at


All prices quoted are confidential. No prices – accepted or rejected – will be shared with other prospective bidders, before, during, or after the process.
Information acquired by KCC, such as the list of RFP participants, and upon award of bid if applicable, participant contact information, must remain confidential and in no way shared with competitors or counterparts of RFP and/or bidder before, during, or after the process. This request for proposal is not an offer to do business but simply a request for information. The Company will preserve the confidentiality of any business proprietary or confidential information submitted by the Contractor, which is clearly designated as such by the Contractor, to the extent permitted by the laws of the Host Country.

Proposal submission deadline: 17th August, 2023. (06:00 PM Phnom Penh Time). 

Email proposals to