Maintenance services for Equipment at Khmer Cold Chain Facility- LM17-NATIONAL ROAD NO.1

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Khmer Cold Chain Co., Ltd (KCC) is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider of temperature-controlled logistics (TCL) services, delivering international quality services to regional farmers, agribusinesses, food processers, pharmaceutical companies, food retailers and hotels, restaurants, caterers (HORECA), and the institutional sector at competitive prices. KCC is currently building a refrigerated cross-docking facility near the port of LM-17 on the Mekong River near Phnom Penh, Cambodia and an expansion distribution facility in downtown Phnom Penh. The company is embarking on a growth journey, and commercial operations will commence in 2023.

KCC is 100% owned by Infraco Asia Development ( (IAD), through its wholly-owned Infraco Cold Chain Company (ICCC) Pte Ltd, a Singapore-registered subsidiary. IAD is one of the companies of the Private Infrastructure Development Group ( (PIDG), a coalition of donors mobilizing private sector investment to assist developing countries in attaining infrastructure vital to boosting their economic growth and combating poverty.

Project Objective

The project is proposed to engage in outsourcing the maintenance services for the equipment situated at the premises of Khmer Cold Chain (KCC) consisting but not limited to the following:

  1. Maintenance services on Cooling System;
  2. Maintenance services on Electric Forklift;
  3. Maintenance services on Electric Stacker;
  4. Maintenance services on Generator;
  5. Maintenance services on Dock-Leveler;
  6. Maintenance services on Overhead Door;
  7. Maintenance services on Fire Pumps;
  8. Maintenance services on Air Conditioners;
  9. Maintenance services on CCTV Cameras; and
  10. Cleaning services on the solar rooftop installation.

Type of Contractor/Service Provider: The service provider should be a company or a consortium. The service provider shall designate the contact person (s) in charge of the assignment.

Responsibility of the prospective contractor/service provider: The contractor is required to consistently employ the most economically efficient and widely recognized standards and methodologies to execute maintenance services as outlined in the scope of services. Additionally, the contractor is obligated to provide comprehensive updates to KCC on a monthly basis, ensuring full transparency and timely communication regarding maintenance activities and their progress.

Refer to Appendix L for the specific quantities of equipment needed for the maintenance service.


The general scope of work to be provided by the Contractor/Service Provider should entail:

3.1 Maintenance services on Cooling System:

Model: S-150 |Type: All-in-one fan motor (Indoor Unit) and PA-300 (Outdoor Unit). (Refer to Appendix A).

Regular maintenance service for the cooling system will be conducted to proactively examine, replace, and clean both the outdoor and indoor units.

3.2 Maintenance services on Electric Forklift:

Model: FB30E, capacity 3000 Kg, lift height 3M duplex mast can work under -15 ~18 C degree freezer, attached smart charger, 72V 202Ah lithium battery Pneumatic tires, 1220mm fork length. (Refer to Appendix B).

3.3 Maintenance Services for Electric Stacker

Model: Everlift | ELEP-30D (Li). (Refer to Appendix C).

3.4 Maintenance services on Generator and the Automatic Transfer Switch system

Model: New Silent Diesel Generator 770KVA (refer to Appendix D).

3.5 Maintenance services on Dock-Leveler

Capacity: 6000kg Dynamic Load, W-1830mm, L-2300mm and 510mm long hinged. (Refer to Appendix E).

3.6 Maintenance Services on Overhead Door

Model: Overhead Door Panel 2490*530 and Overhead Door Panel 2490*610. (Refer to Appendix F).

3.7 Maintenance Services on Fire Pumps

Model: Varem 20 Litre Plusvarem CE High Pressure Expansion Vessel 1″ S5020361 (Refer to Appendix G).

Planned maintenance shall be undertaken on the Fire pumps to methodically inspect, test, and replace all elements pertaining to the Fire pumps as a proactive measure. Furthermore, additional maintenance services shall be available on standby for provision as needed.

3.8 Maintenance Services on Air Conditioners

Model: Panasonic Wall Mounted 1.5HP, Panasonic Wall Mounted 2.5HP, Panasonic 4-way cassette 3.0HP (IDU), Panasonic 4-way cassette 3.0HP (ODU) and Panasonic 4-way cassette front panel. (Refer to Appendix I).

3.9 Maintenance Services on CCTV Cameras

Model: Lite Series | DH-IPC-HFW2431T-ZS-S2 and Wiz Sense | DH-SD5A432XA-HNR (Refer to Appendix J).

Planned maintenance will be carried out on the CCTV system to methodically inspect, replace, and clean all associated components as a proactive measure. Furthermore, additional maintenance services shall be available for deployment as needed.

3.10 Cleaning services on the solar rooftop installation

Model: On-grid (Grid-tied), Solar Panel Array: 289.3 kWp (526 panels x 550Wp each) (Main Building: 245.4kWp – 446 panels, Parking Roof: 44kWp – 80 panels) and Inverters: 250kW (2 x 125kW each) (Refer to Appendix J).

Plan the regular cleaning of the solar panels installed on the rooftop and on the parking shelter. The total installed PV power is 290kW. (Refer to Appendix K).


Proposal Information

The proposal to undertake the work as described above shall include the following information:

1. Work Plan and Methodology

The service providers shall ensure that there are a proper work plan and methodology in place for the purpose of:

  • Ensuring systematic and efficient execution of maintenance tasks;
  • Optimizing resource utilization and cost-effectiveness;
  • Minimizing disruptions to operations and maximize equipment uptime;
  • Enhancing safety protocols and adhere to regulatory standards;
  • Promoting sustainability practices by implementing environmentally friendly maintenance techniques, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing waste generation
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer and skill development among maintenance personnel through training programs, standard operating procedures, and best practice sharing initiatives; and
  • Maintain comprehensive reporting system and documentation for accountability and future reference.

2. Language of Proposal

    All proposal documents shall be prepared and submitted in English.

    3. Qualifications

    The service providers shall ensure that maintenance tasks are exclusively handled by service engineers who possess the necessary training and qualifications. It is expected that the service providers will collaborate closely with the staff of Khmer Cold Chain Company Limited and facilitate knowledge and skills transfer as needed.

    4. Timeframe

    The service providers shall arrange an appropriate timeframe to carry out the maintenance service which includes:

    • Defining a clear and realistic timeline for the implementation of the maintenance services to ensure alignment with project objectives and scope;
    • Providing a precise timeline for each maintenance schedules, specifying the start and end dates, as well as key activities to be carried out for each maintenance schedule;
    • Identifying periods in which necessary equipment and materials are required to carry out the maintenance services;
    • Specifying a defined timeframe during which the maintenance activities undergo review, approval, and handover; and
    • Establishing a structured plan and timeline for reporting progress and communicating with KCC on the status and updates of the maintenance services.

    5. Delivery Schedule

    Service provider shall prepare and submit with the proposal a complete delivery schedule suitable to provide final report and all deliverables within 1 month of release.

    Proposal Schedule shall include, at a minimum:

    • Workplan and timeline submittal, and final delivery schedule;
    • Draft and final submittal of all deliverables;
    • Customer insight Survey question submittal;
    • Preliminary Vendor mapping name and location list; and
    • Draft of services for Price list for daily, monthly, semi-annually, annually and other standby maintenance services if necessary.

    Schedule shall include time for KCC review and approval cycle (5 working days).

    6. Price

    KCC intends to award all tasks based on the proposal submitted. Firm-fixed-price contract price to accomplish the deliverables of the assignments. The price proposal shall clearly state the lump sum price for each deliverable inclusive of all out-of-pocket expenses (OPE).  Proposal shall clearly state what is excluded, and identify any additional applicable costs, taxes, out of pocket expenses, or fees that are specifically excluded from the price proposal.

    In case, there is a necessary replacement part of equipment, the quote of price and other fee is required in advance subjected to be approved by KCC.

    7. Fees and Payment Schedule

    The contract payments will be linked to the proposed deliverables. Milestone based payment shall be based upon acceptance and approval of each deliverable, as outlined below. Service providers should provide a proposed value for each deliverable, payment schedule and payment percentage of the total value.

    Instructions and Evaluation Criteria

    Award will be made to the bidder representing the best value in consideration of past performance, technical and price factors. Technical criteria are more important than cost, although prices must be reasonable and will be considered in the evaluation.

    KCC reserves the right to conduct discussions with selected service provider(s) to identify the best value offer. Award of any resulting Contract Agreement shall be made by KCC on a best value basis.

    KCC reserves the right to inform a bidder about requiring a bid to be withdrawn from evaluation if there is a perceived conflict of interest with the bidder and the implementation country and/or unsatisfied results from reference check and/or integrity due diligence in areas such as anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing and anti-bribery and corruption, including undertaking anti-bribery and corruption measures in relation to proposed suppliers and associated persons as set out in the InfraCo’s Anti- Corruption Compliance Policy (available at


    All prices quoted are confidential. No prices – accepted or rejected – will be shared with other prospective bidders, before, during, or after the process.

    Information acquired by KCC, such as the list of RFP participants, and upon award of bid if applicable, participant contact information, must remain confidential and in no way shared with competitors or counterparts of RFP and/or bidder before, during, or after the process. This request for proposal is not an offer to do business but simply a request for information. The Company will preserve the confidentiality of any business proprietary or confidential information submitted by the Contractor, which is clearly designated as such by the Contractor, to the extent permitted by the laws of the Host Country.

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