Our Services

Logistic Services


Loading and unloading palletized cargo from containers into and out of the facility.

Cross Docking

Facility to unload materials from an incoming transportation mode and loading into a different outgoing mode.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Channel to help our customer reduce process costs while achieving quicker distribution, increased flexibility and reducing the tendency of being out-of-stocks.

Value Added Services



Bringing down temperature of goods arrived from the field to a temperature suitable for storage and transportation.


Taking items from specific product pallets throughout the facility and consolidating them into a new mixed pallet for customer orders.

Co-packing and Labelling & Bulk classification

Packing, labeling, and classifying client’s products.

SPS & Declarations Processing

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Services (SPS)

Office and laboratory to certificate products according to international standards.

custom clearance & Certification

Solution to help with the complications of clearance and prevent unnecessary spending on taxes and fees.